The term Falsifying Type was coined by Jung to describe individuals who were trying to do or be something that ran counter to their innate preferences. Studies by Benziger and associates of individuals who were falsifying type (by gender and brain lead) showed:

  • Males - 22% Frontal Left; 65% Basal Left; 48% Basal Right; 43% Frontal Right
  • Females - 31% Frontal Left; 43% Basal Left; 41% Basal Right; 47% Frontal Right

(Benziger, I. Katherine, PhD. Falsification of Type; it’s Jungian and Physiological Foundations. p 16, 56. TX: KBA Publishing, 1995.)

Individuals who Falsify Type spend hours each day in activities that require their brains to work up to 100 times harder. This throws their body systems into distress. As Jung said in Psychological Types, the only thing that can make a difference is the individual’s reowning of his/her natural preference. (Benziger, I. Katherine, PhD.Thriving in Mind. p 236. TX: KBA Publishing, 2000.)

Refer to Adapting and the Brain for additional information.

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