Looking at faces activates the fusiform area; looking at places activates the parahippocampal area. (Restak, Richard, MD. The New Brain.p 180-181. PA: Rodale, 2003.)

PET scans of face recognition task show activation of posterior right hemisphere regions. (Springer, Sally p., and Georg Deutsch. Left Brain, Right Brain. p 81-83. NY: W.H. Freeman and Co., 1997.)

Ability to recognize the meaning of a facial expression (amygdala) is quite separate from the ability to recognize who the face belongs to. (Greenfield, Susan, con. Ed.Brain Power. p 76-77. Britain: Element Books Limited, 1999.)

Problems with facial recognition occur after right temporal lobectomy (but not after left temporal lobectomy (when right hemisphere is nondominant for speech). (Pribram, K. H., ed. Brain and Behavior 2, Perception and Action. p 319. Britain: Penguin Books Inc., 1969.)

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