The right hemisphere is more in touch with the emotional feeling centers in the limbic system. It likely generates alpha brain waves. Alpha waves may be activated by meditation, relaxation, biofeedback, and imagery techniques. (Healy, Jane M., PhD.Your Child’s Growing Mind. p 324-325, 335-336. NY: Doubleday, 1987, 1989.)

Activity of the right hemisphere enables us to both express our own emotions and read the emotions of others. (Restak, Richard, MD. Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot.p 73-74. NY: Harmony Books, 2001.)

Left frontal lobe houses both positive and negative emotional expression. The right frontal lobe houses only negative emotional processes. Emotional perception is associated with the posterior structures of the right hemisphere. (Howard, Pierce J., PhD. The Owner’s Manual for the Brain. p 361-370. GA: Bard Press, 1994, 2000.)

The mammalian brain contains functions related to the immune system, memory, biorhythms, personal relationships, awareness of one’s internal world including past and present, and tools (e.g., emotions) by which relationships are qualitatively evaluated. (Pearce, Joseph Chilton. The Biology of Transcendence. p 24-32. VT: Park Street Press, 2002.)

Emotional expression is associated with the frontal lobes. (Howard, Pierce J., PhD. The Owner’s Manual for the Brain. p 361-370. GA:Bard Press, 1994, 2000.)

PET Scan studies: right hemisphere is more activated when the learner is feeling depressed or stressed. Left Hemisphere is more engaged when learner is experiencing a healthy optimism about life and the future. (Jensen, Eric. Brain-Based Learning (Revised). p 18. CA: The Brain Store, 2005.)

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