The terms Brain Lead or Dominance refer to an innate biochemical preference for processing information in an energy-efficient manner. Your preference (or dominance) is your predisposition for one type of thinking based on its superior natural efficiency that makes using it fun and effortless. You are born with this preference. It is a key part of who you are and it never changes. (Benziger, I. Katherine, PhD. Thriving in Mind. p 8-33, 88-103. TX: KBA Publishing 2000.)

Each person’s brain is unique and operates most efficiently when involved in activities it does best. (Restak, Richard, MD. Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot. p 214-216. NY:vHarmony Books, 2001.)

Individuals, although a coalition of four different selves (e.g., four cerebral quadrants), prefer to use one or more of those selves compared to the others. All profiles are composed of most preferred and least preferred thinking modes. These combinations of preferences are sometimes extreme. Over time the chances are good that we will do the things we prefer as a result of our thinking style, and we will not do the things that we prefer not to do.

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