The terms Brain Lead or Dominance refer to an innate biochemical preference for processing information in an energy-efficient manner. (Benziger, I. Katherine, PhD.Thriving in Mind. p 8-33, 88-103. TX: KBA Publishing 2000.)

Each person’s brain is unique and operates most efficiently when involved in activities it does best. (Restak, Richard, MD. Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot. p 214-216. NY:Harmony Books, 2001.)

There are innate differences in the human personality, including four functions: Feeling (evaluating), Thinking, Sensation, and Intuition (labeled by Carl Jung). Each person is born with one of the four functions dominant. (Dossey, Larry. MD. Healing Words. p 125-130. NY:HarperPaperbacks, 1993.)

People are more productive, as well as happier and healthier when they use and are rewarded for using their natural mental preferences. This is even true when their natural extraverted or introverted needs are simultaneously understood, valued, and rewarded. Everyone can benefit from knowing more about themselves. (I. Katherine Benziger, PhD. Thriving in Mind. p 328. TX:KBA Publishing 2000.)

A preference or predisposition essentially opens up “the path of least resistance.” It takes special energy, conditions, and environment to over-ride or alter systems.

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