Individuals who Falsify Type spend hours each day in activities that require their brains to work up to 100 times harder. This throws their body systems into distress. As Jung said in Psychological Types, the only thing that can make a difference is the individual’s reowning of his/her preference. (Benziger, I. Katherine, PhD. Thriving in Mind. TX: KBA Publishing, 2000, p 236.”)

Spending majority of time and energy in a job/profession that don’t match your passion and skill sets wastes time/energy. The most successful individuals spend time/energy on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. (Gordon, Jon, M.A. Become an Energy Addict. GA: Longstreet Press, 2003, p 57)

Suppressing who you were meant to be is like trying to hold a beach ball under the water with one hand while trying to push a boulder uphill with the other. This drains life energy that you could otherwise spend on what you are really all about. (McGraw, Phillip C., PhD. Self Matters, Creating Your Life From the Inside Out. NY: Simon & Schuster Source, 2001, pp 32-33)

Refer to Energy and the Brain for additional information.

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