Indicates that employees who laugh together “stay together.” They tend to work better as a team, are more creative, and produce more work. (Swift, Bradford W., and Ann T. Swift. Humor Experts Jazz up the Workplace. p 72-75. HR Magazine, March 1994.)

Woman who can interact easily with the aggressive humor of men in business are a step ahead of woman who negatively interprets these interactions. (Tanenbaum, Joe. Male & Female Realities. p 152-154. NV: Robert Erdmann Publishing, 1990.)

Laughter can enhance brain abilities that are necessary for doing good work. (Goleman, Daniel, PhD, with Richard Boyatzis, and Annie Mckee. Primal Leadership. p 12. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2002.)

Humor helps to foster an atmosphere of teawork and may even help to reduce staff turnover. (Schwartz, Enid A., RN, MA, MC. Infusing Humor into Healthcare. p 78-79. CE Express.)

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