Laughter requires at least 15 facial muscles to contract in a specific pattern, accompanied by altered breathing. (Dossey, Larry, MD. Healing Beyond the Body. p 133-149. Boston: Shambhala Publications, Inc., 2001.)

Laughter involves the contraction of fifteen facial muscles plus the stimulation of the zygomatic major muscle, which is the main lifting mechanism of the upper lip. (Brain, Marshall. How Laughter Works.)

Laughter requires the coordination of many muscles throughout the body and:

  • increases blood pressure
  • increases heart rate
  • changes breathing
  • reduces levels of specific catecholamines and hormones
  • boosts the immune system.

(What’s so Funny and Why: Laughter and the Brain.)

Laughter is an all over body workout. It gives your diaphragm, respiratory, facial, leg, back, and abdominal muscles a workout. Bartekian, Vatche. Laughter Can Cure What Ails You. Ask Men website.)

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