Areas in the right temporal lobe (right neocortex) interpret metaphor and "get" jokes. It understands what Freud called the "primary process," the language of the unconscious, the language of poems, art, and myth. (Goleman, Daniel. The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights. p 24-28. MA:More Than Sound, 2011)

In the case of Norman Cousins, laughter was a metaphor for the full range of positive emotions: love, confidence, hope, faith, determination. This helps the mind get the most of whatever is possible. (Hafen, Brent Q., et al. Mind/Body Health. p 510-513. MA: Simon & Schuster, 1996.)

Metaphor used for some qualities of humor. (Springer, Sally p., and Georg Deutsch. Left Brain, Right Brain. p 180-181. NY: W.H. Freeman and Co., 1997.)

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