Laughter and a humor can ease psychological pain and relieve emotional stress. (Hafen, Brent Q., et al. Mind/Body Health. p 550-560. MA: Simon & Schuster, 1996.)

Tears (from laughing or crying) contain encephalin, a natural internal tranquilizer that helps to relieve pain. 60-62 Pease, Barbara and Allan. Why Men Don’t Have a clue and Women Always Need More Shoes. NY: Broadway Books, 2004.

Learning to laugh again may be essential for emotional coping following a disaster situation. (Schwartz, Enid A., RN, MA, MC. Infusing Humor into Healthcare. p 84-85. CE Express.)

Physical benefits of laughter can remain for up to two hours once you have stopped laughing. (Hafen, Brent Q., et al. Mind/Body Health. p 541-560. MA: Simon & Schuster, 1996.)

Quotes Dr. Herbert Benson: Humor and laughter are effective medicines in combating negativity and they can have a beneficial effect on one’s physical health. (Shaevitz, Marjorie Hansen. The Confident Woman. p 184-185. NY: Harmony Books, 1999.)

Describes benefits of laughter (e.g., relaxes muscles, stimulates production of “feel-good” brain chemicals, increases blood flow to the peripheries). Anger and hostility can reverse these positive changes. (Carter, Rita, Ed. Exploring Consciousness. p 199. CA: University of California Press, 1998.)

Provides examples of the immediate positive effects on the body and on states of mind. (Gilbert, Gary, MD. Is a Merry Heart like a Placebo? WA: Spectrum, Vol 26, No. 4, p 36-43. January 1998.)

Laughter is a tranquilizer that has no negative side effects. (Greenwood-Robinson, Maggie, PhD. 20/20 Thinking. p 125. NY: Avery, Putnam Special Markets, 2003.)

People who are surrounded by many happy people are more likely to be happy in the future than those who are surrounded by unhappy people. One person’s happiness can spread outward through three degrees of separation. Those at the center of such circles may be people that you have never met, but their mood can have a profound effect on yours. (Fowler, James, PhD., associate professor of political science, UCSD and Rosemary Blieszner, PhD., professor of human development, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2008,

Laughter helps release emotion and tension. People often store emotions rather than express them if something angers, frightens, saddens, stresses, or bores them. Laughter is a way for emotions (e.g., anger, sadness, fright, boredom) to find a way out harmlessly. (Bartekian, Vatche.  Laughter Can Cure What Ails You.

Panic is a common characteristic of serious illness. Suggests that laughter can be used to replace panic. (Restak, Richard, MD. The Mind. p 158-159. NY: Bantam Books, 1988.)

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