Study using EEG topographical brain mapping of an individual hearing a joke: left hemisphere began to process the words. Then the frontal lobe center of emotionality was activated. 120 milliseconds later the right hemisphere began processing the pattern. A few milliseconds later the occipital lobe showed increased activity. Delta waves increased, the brain got the joke, and laughter erupted. (Dunn, Joseph R., PhD, Ed. New Discoveries in Psychoneuroimmunology. p 6-7. (interview with Dr. Lee S. Berk). Humor & Health Letter, Vol III. No 6, Nov/Dec 1994, MS: Dunn.)

Normal brain development in children fluctuates by three years. (Jensen, Eric. Brain-Based Learning. p 340. CA: The Brain Store Publishing, 2000.)

Each brain develops so uniquely that completely normal development can differ by a spread of two or more years between learners of the same chronological age. (Healy, Jane. Your Child’s Growing Mind, p 70. 1987.)

When you hear a joke, it is the recognition of the incongruity that allows you to “get it.” (Schwartz, Enid A., RN, MA, MC. Infusing Humor into Healthcare. p 92. CE Express.)

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