Humor triggers various areas of the brain to function in concert. Both humor and mirthful laughter result in physiological changes to the brain’s neurochemistry and to the body’s physiology. Presented in an interview with Dr. Lee. S. Berk. (Dunn, Joseph R., PhD, Ed. New Discoveries in Psychoneuroimmunology Humor & Health Letter. Vol III. No 6, p 7-8. Nov/Dec. MS: 1994.)

When using or experiencing positive humor and mirthful laughter, the whole brain is involved, not just one side, and that there's more coordination between both sides. (O’Donnell, Sinara Stull. Laugh More at Work To Ease Office Stress.)

fMRI Studies of brain activities activates in two types of humor. High-level visual areas were activated during visual humor and classic language areas were activated during language-dependent humor. (Watson, Karli K., et al. Brain Activation during Sight Gags and Language-Dependent Humor.)

People who are paranoid generally are humorless. (Miller, Lawrence, PhD. Inner Natures. Brain, Self & Personality. p 151-152. NY: Ballantine Books, 1990.)

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