By one week of age, a baby girl can distinguish the cry of another baby from a background of general noise of similar volume. Baby boys cannot. (Moir, Anne, and David Jessel. Brain Sex, the Real Difference Between Men & Women. NY: Carol Publishing Group, 1989, 1991, pp 56-57)

Both parents teach male babies to perform rather than cry by picking them up less frequently. By the age of 13 months, male infants who are picked up less are already more likely to refrain from crying. (Warren Farrell, Warren, PhD. Why Men Are the Way They Are. NY: Berkley Book, 1988, pp 113, 350)

Boy babies are slightly more restless, sleep less, and cry more. (Nicholson, John. Men and Woman: How Different Are They? NY: Oxford University Press, 1984, pp 17-19)

Boy babies cry more often, are more fearful and more irritable, eat more, smile, and develop bowel and bladder control later than girls. (Stump, Jane Barr, PhD. What’s the Difference? NY: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1985, p 137)

Crying, urinating, sweating, and exhaling remove impurities from our body. The results of not crying (e.g., males) are now well documented. (Warren Farrell, Warren, PhD. Why Men are the Way They Are. NY: Berkley Book, 1988, pp 113, 350)

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