There is a constant flow of information between all the cells in our body. Specific behaviors have been shown to alter the psychosomatic network and positively impact the brain/body communication. These include: affirmation, meditation, and visualization. (Pert, Candace, PhD. Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind(audiocassettes). CO: Sounds True, 2000.)

The inter-relationship between the central nervous system and immune system is bidirectional. Products of activated immune cells feed back to the brain and alter neural activity resulting in a “sickness response.” Only the brain can orchestrate such a pervasive array of changes. (PNSA. Watkins, Linda R., and Steven F. Maier. Implications of immune-to-brain communication for sickness and pain.1988. Article.)

Johns Hopkins University scientist study:  Growing fat cells and nerve cells in the same dish has produced what is believed to be the first demonstration of two-way communication between the cell types. The study, using rat and mouse cells, provides the first clear evidence that signals from fat cells can directly influence neurons outside of the brain. Researchers believe this has implications for understanding the storage and burning of fat, obesity, and related disorders, such as diabetes. (Source)

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