Child’s brain post brain injury recovers more quickly (it is more generalized). The adult’s brain post-trauma shows less malleability and plasticity as it is more specialized. (Restak, Richard, MD. Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot. p 42-43. NY: Harmony Books, 2001.)

Opinions that with the exception of schizophrenia and sociopathic behavior, childhood trauma (while it can have a dramatic negative effect on adult behavior) can be transformed into a positive force in one’s life. (Shaevitz, Marjorie Hansen. The Confident Woman. p 60-63. NY: Harmony Books, 1999.)

Studies: Children are able to recovery (overcome and catch up in many aspects of development) early deprivations “if later experience compensates.” (Ornstein, Robert, PhD, and Paul Ehrlich. New World New Mind. p 230. MA: Malor Books, 1989, 2000.)