Sugar overloading can lead to job dissatisfaction, even in offices that are relatively stress-free. Padus, Emrika, et al. The Complete Guide to Your Emotions & Your Health: New Dimensions. PA: Rodale Press, 1986, p. 374

Lists at least three dozen sugar aliases to help identify sugar on product labels. (Appleton, Nancy, PhDLick the Sugar Habit, Sugar Counter. p 15-17. NY:Penguin Putnam, 2001.)

Leukocytic Index (LI) The LI is a measure of how many organisms one leukocyte can eat in an hour: if a leukocyte eats 10 organisms in an hour, its Leukocytic index is 10. Sugar compromises the effectiveness of leukocytes. (Groves, Barry, 2002.)

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