Study: Among children who had smoked at least once, there was a 20% higher risk of addiction if mothers had smoked up to a pack per day while pregnant, and a 60% increased risk if mothers had smoked a pack a day or more. (Mann, Arnold. Smoking Exposure In Utero Increases Risk of Later Addiction. MD: National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIDA NOTES, Vol 19, No 4, Dec 2004, pp 9-10)

Nicotine is very addictive – every effort should be made by pregnant mother to avoid smoking during pregnancy (for a smarter child with higher potential). The fewer cigarettes, the lesser the effects to the developing fetal brain. (Diamond, Marian, PhD, and Janet Hopson. Magic Trees of the Mind. NY: A Dutton Book 1998, pp 78-80)

Smoking can be a difficult habit to change and you must want to quit in order to do it. Four types of smokers: habit smoker, positive affect smoker, negative affect smoker, physical or psychological addicted smoker. (Bricklin, Mark, et al. Positive Living and Health. PA: Rodale Press, 1990, pp 290-292)

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