More than simple abstinence is required to achieve real recovery from addictive behaviors. Healthy thought patterns must be adopted and pathological thoughts systems relinquished. (Twerski, Abraham, MD. Addictive Thinking. CA: Harper & Row, 1990, pp 79-80)

Addictions can be reversed with time and patience. When tempted to light a cigarette or a joint, ask yourself what you are feeling at that moment. Try to identify the discomfort that the drug typically masks. Encouraging a free flow of emotions will lessen the need for an external boost and reinforce your body’s ability to get high all by itself. (Pert, Candace, PhD. Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind (audiocassettes). CO: Sounds True, 2000)

Summarizes a variety of therapies to help recover from addictive behaviors. Lists pharmacological treatments for substance abuse. (Greenwood-Robinson, Maggie, PhD. 20/20 Thinking. NY: Avery, Putnam Special Markets, 2003, pp 287-305)

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