Addiction can be defined as a behavior or substance on which you are dependent and this is painfully difficult to stop. When in an addiction cycle, the person’s ability to choose becomes significantly impaired. A variety of terms are typically used when speaking of addiction (e.g., abuse, dependency, impulse problem, compulsion). Abuse (as composed to addiction) could be defined as a repeated pattern of behavior or use without tolerance or pain (withdrawal) as a result of trying to stop. (Greenfield, David N., PhD. Virtual Addiction. pp 43-45. CA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc, 1999.)

Addiction is an imbalance or unease within the body/mind. Typical characteristics of the addition-prone individual includes extreme anxiety, restlessness, insecurity, and reaching outside for satisfaction. (Padus, Emrika, et al. The Complete Guide to Your Emotions & Your Health. PA: Rodale Press, 1992, pp 273-276)

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