Avoid underestimating the power of human sexuality and the Internet. A large number of Interent addicts may also be sex and relationship addicts, as well. The Internet can be so sexually alluring that it becomes an easy way to fulfill their sexual desires. As with many addictive behaviors, there is a clear need for an increase in sexually stimulating material to achieve the same degree of satisfaction. Cybersex encounters may move on to actual in-person encounters. Regardless, spending a significant amount of time with another person outside of your primary relationship may end up breaching intimacy parameters in your actual relationship. Easy access makes sexual addictgion more probable online than through other mediums. The author provides ten steps to kick the cybersex habit. ( Greenfield, David N., PhD. Virtual Addiction. pp 86-120. CA:New Harbinger Publications, Inc, 1999.)

Refer to Sexual Behaviors (below).

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