Your immune system is the most sensitive system of your body to your energy level. For energy, completely avoid white sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, white flour, etc. (Kaiser, Jon D., MD. Immune Power. p 20-22. NY:St. Martin’s Press, 1993.)

Recognize the stressful feeling and take a time out (freeze-frame it). By using Freeze-frame on a regular basis you boost your immune system and maintain a coherent, healthy inner environment so that your body can save energy and remain youthful and strong. (Childre, Doc. Freeze Frame. p 11, 53. CA:Planetary Publications, 1994, 1998.)

Mobilizing the body’s immune system utilizes tremendous amounts of energy (e.g., you become physically tired when fighting infections such as a cold or the flu). (Lipton, Bruce, PhD. The Biology of Belief. p 149-150. CA:Mountain of Love/Elite Books, 2005.)

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