The brain is about 2% of total body weight. It consumes 25% of metabolic energy and 40% of blood glucose as food. During the first year of life, infants spend 50% of their metabolic energy to construct and refine brain mechanisms. (Fisher, Helen, PhD. Why We Love. NY: Henry Holt and Company, 2004. pp 140-141)

For many people, digestion takes more nerve energy than almost anything else…Eat a little. That way you’ll be around long enough to eat a lot. (Robbins, Anthony. Unlimited Power. NY: Fireside, 1986, pp 170-180)

Your thoughts and feelings (mental diet) is at least equally important to proper nutrition. Your inner thoughts, feelings, and impressions directly impact your energy level. (Childre, Doc and Howard Martin. The HeartMath Solution. CA: Harper SF, 1999, p 89)

You are composed of many energy systems that encompass thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Every thought can be energetically calibrated for its impact on your body and environment. You can raise your energy levels. (Dyer, Wayne, PhD. The Power of Intention. CA: Hay House, Inc., 2004, pp 68-69)

Refer to Energy and the Brain for additional information.

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