The electromagnetic spectrum is a continuum of all electromagnetic waves arranged according to frequency and wavelength. All electromagnetic energy passes through space at the speed of light (300 million meters per second) in the form of sinusoidal waves. (Electromagnetic Energy. Article.)

The speed of electromagnetic energy signals is 186,000 miles per second (compared to speed of less than 1 centimeter per second for diffusible chemicals). Energy signals are 100 times more efficient and infinitely faster than physical chemical signaling in the body. (Lipton, Bruce H., PhD. The Biology of Belief. CA: Mountain of Love / Elite Books, 2005, pp 111-112)

Electromagnetic energy travels through space at the speed of light. (Walker, David. Energy, Plants and Man. VA: University Science Books, 1992, pp 11-12)

Heart Em energy and information leaves the body at approximately the speed of light (it is not retained in the skin). Cardiac energy patterns may interact between people—even at a distance. (Sheikh, Anees, A. Healing Images: The Role Of Imagination in Health. NY: Baywood Publishing Company, 2003, p 95)

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