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Eyelids going south with gravity, my whole body sank luxuriously into the soft cushions as the porch swing gently rocked to and fro. A moment later my reverie was shattered as the door burst open and a half-dozen grandchildren poured onto the porch. They skidded to a stop in front of the swing and asked, “Where’s our moms?”

“They’ll be right back,” I said, my eyes now wide open. “They went across the street with Suzanne to meet her mother-in-law.” We hardly had time to pour the lemonade when the "moms" arrived back on the porch. More lemonade.

“Okay, Dawk,” said Fanny in her delightful Southern drawl, “you can settle this fer us. I figgah it’s just science fiction, if you git my drift. Re-eally!” That got my attention and she poured out the story.

Suzanne’s mother-in-law, having found out that her son and his wife were expecting their first child, had flown out from California and brought not one, but three cases of something called EnerPrime™. “Do you know,” Fanny continued, her voice redolent with disbelief, “that woman said Suzanne’s diet during pregnancy would affect not only her child but her grandchildren, as well. Imagine!” There was a pause. “And she wants Suzanne to take that ‘green stuff’ every single day during her pregnancy. I’ve never heard of such a thing,” Fanny exclaimed!” Nine pairs of eyes turned in my direction.

“Suzanne’s mother-in-law knows something about Epigenetics,” I said.

“Epigenetics?” they chorused. “What is that?” I could not help laughing. Their facial expressions were priceless!

"You all know what Genetics is, the study of how genes and chromosomes transmit information from one person to his/her biological offspring. Genetics is often referred to a "nature." Think of Epigenetics as the other side of that coin. Epigenetics is sometimes referred to as the "nature" piece.

The science of Epigenetics studies how the environment and factors in the environment impact the way genes and chromosomes are expressed and how cells seem to pass on information to future generations without changing their basic genetic blueprint.  The information and memories appear to be encoded on protein strands in the nucleus of cells that have a nucleus (red blood cells, for example, have no nucleus). Emerging information helps to explain the reason some types of behaviors tend to run in families and how some individuals may sense they've seen a city or a specific site before--but haven't in reality, at least as far as they know.

“In the 21st century,” I continued, “researchers have discovered that environmental factors such as stress, emotions, and nutrition can impact Epigenetics, or cellular memory as it is often called, which appears to be transmittable to several succeeding generations. Cellular memory from your ancestors, at least back for perhaps three or four generations, has impacted you, too."

"O-o-h-h," said Fanny. "I wonder if cellular memory is the reason I like . . ." Her voice trailed off as she glanced around at the kids. Everone laughed. Well, the adults laughed.

“Tell us more. Can you give us an example?” asked one of the other mothers.

Studies in Epigenetics have shown that that a pregnant woman’s environment (including diet and nutritional supplements) can influence future generations. According to holistic health author Mike Adams, research by Dr. David Martin and colleagues indicated that women who take nutritional supplements and eat superfoods can positively influence the health of their children, grandchildren, and so on." 

"Are you planning to have more children?” asked one of the twins, eyes open very wide as he looked at my hair.

“Not personally,” I laughed, “but I do plan to be around for the births of grand children, great grandchildren, and maybe even great-great grandchildren. And I encourage everyone, especially pregnant women, to add green superfoods to their daily diet. My personal favorite is EnerPrime™, which I take every day at least once--because it contains green superfoods plus a salad of micronutrients that I need for my brain and immune system.

A very lively conversation followed with everyone talking at once. I heard fragments of phrases such as: “…could lessen the multi-generational health burden in families if everyone paid attention to Epigenetics…I’m going to get some of that green stuff myself…talk about 21st Century science… EnerPrime™ did she say? … who knew…” and so on. 

Epigenetics and EnerPrime™, I thought to myself. What a synergistic combination!


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