Often, timing is equated with the formula:  Right Place + Right Time = Great Timing. Consider a new equation:  Right Space + Right Time = Great Timing. 

This was certainly true of my experience with The Brain Program! Having worked with Dr. Taylor for 25 years, I’d had numerous opportunities to attend her seminars on the brain. The timing never seemed “right” until this year. 

After some continued hesitation, I finally registered for and attended the February program at the St. Helena Center for Health. Immediately, I realized that I was exactly in the right space at the right time to hear and to apply the information that she shared. At the end of each one-hour session, new vistas of what my life could be and how I could reclaim lost talents began to crystallize. Equally startling was the rapid realization of why my life wasn’t working for me. The awareness of vague dissatisfaction had finally prompted me to attend this particular seminar at this particular time. And now, I knew why! 

My brain was searching for answers to questions that I had been too adapted to even formulate, involved as I was in energy-consuming behaviors and exhausting activities. Now the timing was perfect for an awakening of awareness and my brain had already geared up for it. The rest of me took a little longer but, when the timing is right, change can occur quickly. I’m not the same person I was mere months ago. I’m now becoming the person I was meant to be, the person I always was innately, the person who had gotten lost in myriad expectations. 

I know I’m becoming the person I am innately, because those with whom I’ve worked for years are noticing the metamorphosis. As I change, my energy levels have increased and I’m becoming more “real.” Being real benefits not only those around me in a more truthful and honest way but brings me an awareness of my long-suppressed intuition that acts as a divining rod in the areas of personal choice. The still small voice, the “gut instinct,” that sense of dis-ease, suddenly function as guiding lights pointing me to choices that represent better options for my life. The kicker is that these guiding lights were there all along. They were simply overridden by my having lost touch with who I really am. In many cases we oftenknow instinctively what is truly best for us and The Brain Program can put us back on track! 

The timing hasn’t always been right for others to hear or understand how and why the brain program has regenerated this old soul. Or, the place and timing have been right but the personal space in which some listeners find themselves doesn’t mesh and the timing is off. Each time an opportunity presents itself to share some of this life-altering knowledge of brain-function information, metaphorically it’s as if a pitcher is delivering a ball right over home plate. Depending on the timing, the batter may hit or strike. If thrown enough pitches, eventually the timing will be right and the batter hits a home run. It took 25 years for me to hit that home run—it was worth waiting for!


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