Q. I was told you don’t use diet drinks or sugar substitutes. I’m sure they can help me lose weight!

Q: I have a high-level-wellness lifestyle. What could nutritional products add?

Q. Is sugar really bad for the brain?

Q. I recently heard you say something about taking care of your brain "by design." Whatever does that mean?

Q: What are the characteristics of a desirable nutritional products?

Q. I usually pack on some extra pounds around the holidays and then spend the next 10 months trying to divest myself of them. How can I change that?

Q. Children certainly don't need to take food supplements, do they?

Q. I feel pretty good. Do you think I need nutritional products?

Q. Do nutritional products compensate for a lack of high-level-wellness living?

Q. Can you explain the reason nutritional products often contain higher levels of nutrients than are listed in the RDA?

Q. If I eat reasonably nutritious meals isn't that enough?

Q. We are creating a Longevity Lifestyle and moving toward a more plant-based Mediterranean-style cuisine but I must say that dried "beans" are creating some undesirable side effects. Any idea of how to reduce them?

Q. I read somewhere that water is a nutrient. Please explain.

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