Emotional Intelligence

Q. You’re wrong about blame being unhelpful. As soon as I can pin the blame on someone, I can move on.

Q. Recently I broke up with someone I love very much—he could not or would not be monogamous. Furthermore, he couldn’t seem to understand the reason I found his behavior upsetting. He says that I’m the one he loves the most and the others are just for letting off steam. Even knowing our break-up was for the best, my heart is fractured and I can’t seem to get back on track. What’s wrong with my brain?

Q.  I perceive I’m being taken advantage of by a CEO and part-time romantic relationship who travels a lot. Recently I identified an untruth in one of our conversations. What type of a brain tells a bare-faced lie and expects to get away with it? And how do I deal with this? I really love this person.

Q. What does the term delayed gratification mean and how is it connected with EQ?

Q. Describe for me a person who consistently exhibits behaviors aligned with high levels of EQ.

Q. I have been working on raising my level of Emotional Intelligence and every small improvement seems to provide even bigger positive results in my life. I have several close friends who are not on that bandwagon with me. How do I get them to change?

Q. Give me one reason that I should care about my level of EQ!

Q. I've heard about EQ (as opposed to IQ). Recently, however, I read an article that left me with the impression that EQ could not be quantified as can IQ and that EQ may not even be a real type of intelligence. What's your opinion?

Q. After listening to your presentation on EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), I have been working on raising mine. It’s such an oxymoron: the more functional I become in my behaviors, the more quickly I seem to recognize dysfunctional behaviors around me, and I find that irritating. A year ago I wouldn’t even have noticed!

Q. Someone commented recently that I need to raise my EQ. Give me a break! What is this new jargon anyway?

Q. I recently heard a lecture purported to be about EQ but it was basically only about emotions. Is that really all Emotional Intelligence involves?

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