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Your brain is your greatest resource—use it by design to help you achieve health, happiness, and success!

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

Some of us enjoy the good fortune to be born into a family of like thinkers who unconditionally support and encourage us on whatever path we take in life. Success seems almost assured as we watch these people float through high school, almost effortlessly holding a 4.0 GPA while serving as editor on the yearbook committee and captain of the debate team. We joked about these individuals, but in truth that was only to hide deep-seated envy. They appeared to have it all together. When the rumor circulated that an Ivy League university was aggressively recruiting them, the gulf between them and us widened into the proverbial chasm.

The key difference in potential between the cheerleading-debate-captain-straight-A students and “right-brain misfits” is that our culture reinforces and celebrates primarily those individuals whose brains happen to be wired for one style of achievement. Sadly, these individuals represent only one segment of the population, leaving the rest to struggle for a meager slice of the pie. While it may seem that success for those of us whose brains are wired differently is under lock and key, it isn’t. The major stumbling block has been our effort to live life in a manner others prescribe or select for us, or that we are told would be successful. In truth, the powerful right-brained mind can only tolerate such a contrived existence for so long before symptoms of a midlife crisis begin to surface.

For some, the contrast between who we are and how we are living begins to take its toll in the final years of high school. We accept limits on what we can expect in life, and our sense of self-worth declines. We settle for whatever we can get. Years pass as we try to make our way through life finding what satisfaction and happiness we can through good works, or through our mate, or perhaps through the children we bear. But the constant reminder of the lost dream of fulfillment nags us deep inside until we hit the inevitable brick wall of a mid-life crisis. There is no roadmap for navigating a midlife crisis. But there are tools for managing it, understanding it, and eventually recovering from it.

Arlene Taylor’s Brain Program is one of those tools. Understanding your unique characteristics, and seeing your consistent patterns of thought and behavior over time, can result in a profound new appreciation of your innate giftedness. With this new awareness you then have the ability to make seminal life changes that allow your right-brain dominance to express itself. Your choices will then honor your brain lead, creating pleasure and success with little effort. The result could be described as easy money.

Too good to be true? No, good enough to be true! In some ways, those of us with right-brain leads are easily a step ahead of the rest of the world, at least in some arenas. When we can see who we have always been, we can bring those amazing strengths forward into daily life and dazzle everyone with our innovative, colorful, and powerful persona. It’s all there—just ask Arlene Taylor!

Note: For more than 25 years Steve Adams was a pipe organ builder, finisher, and consultant. Since learning more about brain function in general, and his in particular, he has launched a new career in video production. He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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