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Anomalous dominance has been observed in about 3% of the population in his studies (e.g., dominant eye differs from dominant hand). Is sometimes also referred to as mixed dominance. (Joy, Donald, PhD. The Innate Differences Between Males & Females (Audio Cassette). CO: Focus on the Family, 1967.)

A multidominant person (e.g., tribrainer) may find giving a party difficult because his friends don’t like each other. In fact, they may actively put each other down, as they compete for the person’s approval. (Benziger, I. Katherine, PhD. Thriving in Mind. p 159. TX:KBA Publishing, 2000.)

A preference or predisposition essentially opens up “the path of least resistance.” It takes special energy, conditions, and environment to over-ride or alter systems. (Blum, Deborah. Sex on the Brain. p 17-20. NY:Penguin Books, 1997.)

See Brain Lead and Lateralization for additional information.

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